Review - 'Malzeit!/Painting' PARTY!

by Roman aka jar

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Ok, this is something else than the usual miniature and jungle stuff.

We had our first party in our studio to celebrate the studio and my 30th birthday.
Many friends and family arrived during the weekend to get the party started at Saturday night. Thanks to everyone who helped in the preparations, but especially to my girl, Anna for preparing the dinner in such an awesome way ... I still dream of this table at night.

Thanks to all our guests who made this weekend so cool'n'un-forgettable!

Raffa and I had a plan as we called the invitation and the theme of the party "Malzeit!", which means Painting Time. We prepared some canvas for a big painting, in fact the "last supper" by maestro Da Vinci was the main inspiration. We planned to paint it with apes, monkey and banana.

In fact this was some awesome choice. We just prepared the background, constructed the room and gave the apes a little birth with rough pencil sketches. After the fabolous dinner and some drinks we started the painting with a little explanation by me and Raffa. Everyone was allowed to paint what and where he wants and some small introduction in materials was added too.

After this announcement I was really stunned by that power colours and paint had on our guests as a lot of them did meet for the first time. It was true communication via paint and a cool getting to know eachother. I was really thankful that this worked well in the end as I was pretty excited the days before ...

... so far ...

No, not yet - you might ask what happened to the canvas and the last supper? It became an awesome painting with so much good memories to this night, but it is still not finished yet, as Raffa and I still have to work detail on the background and the table, monkeys are so cool!!!! ... and they will be surely shown here in the jungle, BUT Raffa and I we have to dive deep in our Games Day projects now ... whatever, thanks to everyone who was a part of this Saturday night and for sure at Sunday's clean up :)


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