Thief of Arkane, Mohican warrior

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

Hello readers,

some time has passed, until I wrote my last post. But now its the right time to show you some photos. At first I show you a miniature from my big Rackham box, its a thief of Arkane, I wanted to create a scene in Cadwallon, thats the city were the old game is placed. Some kind of fantasy/middle age city. 
I invested a lot of time, in the base, every clapboard was glued separate. In the back of her you can see a wall with different other Rackham characters. These are all pictures of "wanted" people.. so far..:)

I sell this figure, if someone is interested please feel free to write me at: 

I also want to show you another new figure, it's a fantastic sculpt from Tom Meier.
He has a great line of French and Indian war figures. This vignette also was a little tribute to one of my favourite movies of all time, the last of the mohican. I must stop to say this on every indian figure, I post, but really..:)

I hope you like it, feedback is welcome:

you can find that figure on CMON:  here

Best regards Oli


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