Beautiful Nature??

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Hey friends,

today I want to show you one of my biggest projects so far: "Beautiful nature??"

Its a very important project for me, because two points. At first the artistic creation and second the story behind it. I will tell you more about it.

I wanted to create a scene that happens in our world every day and every minute. Animals lose their living environment, just for some humans making a lot of money. The worlds' seas, get fished empty. 1/3 of all plants and animals are at risk to die out. I really don't want to say to my children; look, this was a lion, and this?? okey I don't remember.. ahh a sumatra tiger..

I would like to reach the result, that people watch this little vignette and see the sad atmosphere, an animal coming back to his home and everything is damaged, and he just watch it.. and can't even make a noise.

Do we all have to make a big career with making a lot of money, buy expansive cars, the newest mobile phones..?

This may sound a little dramatic, it shouldn't. I just try that people think about it for some seconds.  The most beautiful things in the world, aren't the things you can buy. But for sure, everybody needs money for live, thats no question.

To the artistic part, this is my first figure I sculpted completely by myself (after some test sculpting). I am very happy with the result, I tried to sculpt some kind of an old faun, that's why he isn't so muscular. He come back to his home environment, and see everything is destroyed. The coke tin and the plastic bag stands for our modern world. At the moment he saws the destroyed place, he lose his power and lean on the tree. I tried to get a big contrast from the living nature he come from, to the earth in front of him. I have chosen, an fantasy figure, not an normally animal. I wanted to find a middle between, our world, fantasy miniatures and the story I want to tell..:)

Yea.. so far, I hope you like it, the title was chosen, because I think, that many people don't know what beautiful nature should be. It is in the sky, its in the mountains in our forests, in every animal..:)
I didn't wanted to sound theatric, I just want to give you a chance to understand my crazy thoughts on a long day..:)

Best regards Oli


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