Kong's WIP Thoughts - July #02

by Roman aka jar

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Another day passed in the studio :)
Progress available.

As today is more or less a boring day as I don't find the time to go there as I have to wait for another UPS guy to pick up a parcel from Raffa and I am painting the wall in my old workspace (I made it dirty somehow) nothing too exciting will happen on my workdesk. Yesterday did.

Can't wait to bring some serious paint upon the 'Orc vs. Dwarf' as the base is now more or less finished. Just have to head back to the comissioner if everything is fine with him. I still did not sculpt that damn tooth of the Orc as I wait until the point when I start painting seriously on him.


That is the wrong photo - that is falling Gandalf WIP ... here you go with the right one!
As some of you might know I am not doing the photo series of so early WIPs for fun or to show off. I do them mainly because I get to know the scene, the interesting spots, the composition and dive into the mood of the project ...

And some more Falling Gandalf ...

Bye! Bye! 
Keep on happy painting!


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