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by Roman aka jar

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You might have seen them once in a while here by the jungle crew.
Strange constructions to put our miniature on top during painting. Now they are available from the inventor himsel, Stephan Rath.

Quickly I will hand over word to him and just quote him:


"With this Miniature holder it is possible to minimize the tremor while painting or sculpting. At first glance, the holder looks a bit strange and you don`t know how and if the thing might help. But the enlightenment comes when you have worked with it.

I could now convince many painters and sculptors of my tool and the feedback was 100% positive.

The facts:

-Comfortable handling

-Precise painting and sculpting without to tremble, by resting your brush holding fingers on the wire bar.
-The wire bar is rotatable around the workpiece (360 degrees)
-Without contact: The workpiece must never be touched with the fingers


-Suitable for painting and modellations

-Suitable for single miniatures 28-54mm, small busts, etc.
-Suitable for right-and left-hander
-pinned workpieces can be fixed in the cork, miniatures on custom bases can be fixed on the ceramic base   with Patafix
-Every single miniatures-holder was made by me by hand and checked for function.
-Wire bar can be disassembled for priming your miniature and to remove the finished work
-Available in two versions, small for 28-32mm mini's and large for 54mm miniatures


• Miniature holder for 28-32mm = 12 €

• Miniature holder for 54mm miniature. = 12 €
• additional ceramic cork base. = 6 €

• special deal:

3 miniature holder (sizes can be mixed) = 32 €


to european union = 6 €

U.S., Australia and all other counties = 7 €
to Germany = 4 €

I've made a lot of them. But once I have sold all, I write a note on this blog.

Ordering and Payment

Send your order to my email only:

Please don`t forget your address, where I have to send the articles.

You'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with all data necessary for the payment.


your Stephan "derwish" Rath"


If you want to know more check Stephan's blog over here!

I for my part can say I love to paint with the armature as it is no lie that you can work way more precious and stay truely calm while doing so. You won't lose control but you need a moment to get used to it ...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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