Aragorn, Goblin, Lich King and a little Rose

by Roman aka jar

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Rose was bored while the months passed by.
The wasteland offered only a fight for survival.
Dusty clouds from the aftermath still darkening the sky and only madness around the survivors.

So she took her chance to create something new.
Something that everyone missed in the years past by since the great explosions - it was HOPE - she was out for hope again, picked up some tools from her uncle and started to repair playgrounds for the people ...


Another Rose by Hasslefree.
A gift to Raffa for his Rose collection :)

Rose on a mission
Hasslefree, 28 mm
 Hope you like her - if you want to vote for Rose's mission -

Next one is Games Workshop's Aragorn painted with no real goal ... I just had my fun during the painting and enjoyed the figure. Here and there I feel I could have put more time in it but I am happy with the result in the end. Experimented with some textures like leather here and there ... was a lot of fun ...

Games Workshop, 28 mm

 Hope you like him - if you want to vote forAragorn -

A guide that brings you some deeper thoughts on how to paint leather.

Next there follows another one of those beautiful but very tiny Red Box Games Goblins. It is always a little holiday to breathe life in those little fellas ...

Goblin Spearman Watch II
Red Box Games Miniatures

 Hope you like him- if you want to vote for this goblin -

Last one from this round up is another Lich King by Games Workshop. I really like those models for relaxed painting. It is painted for the use on the gaming table. I named the first one Swamp Lich King, this one has more a desert feeling in the used colours ... just to explain the name :)

Raffa explains how to use really glowing pigment powder.

Desert Lich King
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Hope you like him- if you want to vote for the Lich -

So far from my table - soon more to come - there is a lot in progress these days and I am happy to finally post those as they were already finished some weeks ago. Let me know what you think about them :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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