A look on the table - April #01

by Roman aka jar

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A little look on my actual workbench while April seems running through.

There is so much to do, so much to come, so much to organise and stuff ... but first I will be heading to Graz, Austria tomorrow by train do hold another painting class at this beautiful place. I got my usual workshop stuff packed wisely and a little smaller for taking the train without looking too dump because of way too heavy bags. It is ok as the class is pretty small by the number of students. Also I will enjoy some days at Roberts later on, kind of vacation from emails and the own workbench. Not really holiday in the end as there are projects with me I want to finish ... My workplace during my final packing, still painting :D

I will try to finish the soldier's bust to the Duke of Bavaria in the end of April.
Really looking forward to this event as it means to see a lot of nice people again.
The Medusa bust will be the explanation model of the upcoming class.

The Chimera - Bellerophon Project did get some details on the base lately. Nothing very special - the project slowly grows, by slow I really mean slow, thanks to the comissioner who gives me all the time that I will need ...

I got asked many times about the columns I used here. I bought them in a local hobby store and wasn't able to tell the brand because I threw away the package. Now I got some new ones and I made a photo for those of you still interested in taking them for their own projects. As told I did buy them in a local hobby store, maybe you are lucky and find a place to get them online ...

That's it so far - I'll be back soon next week, back on emails and internet madness :D
Sorry to those who are still waiting a reply from my side - it is just too busy these days and this fills my heart with sorrow. A little Kong Fu added: Sometimes when I find time I browse CMON and save things I like in a special folder to someday comment on them. This folder was so big lately that I never had the motivation to do it and so it grew and grew and grew ... yesterday, shortly before my trip and holiday I just realized I won't make it because there is so much other stuff I got to prepare, talk about, organise and write in the internet that I just deleted all links - and this made my heart heavy too but freed my mind ... All I can say is sorry :)

Not to forget - fine musica:

Ruste Juxx "Hardest From the Underground" from Anthony Sylvester on Vimeo.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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