Jarhead & Picster's BÄM² Workshop Announcement

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Brushfriends,

we are proud to announce the second round, finally.

You have been to one of Jarhead's Beginner's classes already and enjoyed it? - now this is the follow up class that gets you where the first class ended and brings you to another level of painting.

The first class will be held in early June 2012 in Aachen, Germany
We will not do this class very often - first only in Germany - Jar's Beginner's class will still be available - soon at some spots in Europe -  but more information about this soon.

If you are interested in further details around this class feel invited to check this link!

The banner is in german but I promised translation - it says:

- One weekend
- two teachers
- individual teaching in small groups to your personal BAM²!

Read you soon with more details about Painting Classes!
Best Wishes 
Roman & Raffa


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