Back from Vacation!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Finally i start working again in a normal manner...

Last week was vacation time with my girl, we went camping to Netherlands, Cadzand... yes, with a tent... it was ridiculously cold, but the trip was a small adventure and many nice sights brought pleasure to my eye!

We visited Cadzand, a small but adorable town at the coast of Netherlands...

One day we made a small visit to Breskens and Vlissingen

The other day we payed Brugge our tribute,.... what a lovely city! (Brugge is in Belgium)

Overall it was a nice trip, lot some cold nights against a full load of relaxation and nice things to see!

After coming home I have just too much stuff to do and the days seems to be shorter than normal... and a lot more boring without my bibab :(
My best wishes go out to Graz where a lot of crazy people are at the moment and probably swinging their brushes!!!

So, first thing to do was cleaning the appartement,... and while doing this I had the idea to pimp up my work room... so today I was completely emerged in putting together Ikea stuff, placing everything, remove the chaos and bring order back to the room to give creativity some room to breathe :)

Here's a shot of my "paper work, gaming and drawing" - desk in its new outfit :)

Oh and finally of course, some inpirational stuff:

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

And finally some music:
boxon - best of boxon 2011
 Talkine - selectakine-3

Maybe not everyones taste, but hey, this is my post, haha :D

So I hope you have a gooooooooood time and read you soon!


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