Midnight WiPs - Lost Temple #3

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet


I´m quite suprised how much painting at the evening has evolved to fix ritual... coming home from work, enjoying supper, watching a movie and start painting... the same sequence every day for two weeks now... I think after Duke of Bavaria I have to return to social life if I won´t evolve into a hermit :D

Well but there is still a week time till I leave for Augsburg and see my deeply missed friends again, so I keep on enjoying my daily ritual :) Even taking pictures gets a quite enjoyable thing, as I got my new lens (Canon 50 f/1.8) for my camera yesterday... it´s not the best you can buy, but the difference to my old one is amazing!

In the last two days I focused on the babarians and they reached a quite good level. Of course there is still a lot to do, but as I see them devoloping I enjoy every hour I paint Tre´s sculps even more. I thought about investing two more evenings to get them finished.

I took the chance to take a new picture of the Minotaur... I did not paint him the last two days, but thanks to the new lense you get a more realistic impression of the miniature´s state :) I will focus on the Minotaur at the weekend, so I will have enough time to work out the armour and to realize the ideas buzzing in my mind :)

As I looked at my cabinet today I saw something familiar... something I actually wanted to finish for the Duke... perhaps there will be time to invest some time... perhaps in Augsburg?

So much to do, so little time... but I don´t care... I enjoy painting and this is all that matters :)

Read ya soon!


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