Bilbo Beggins, Paris, Rhino.. etc

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, Honour.Guard, silver leaf

Bilbo Baggins

I want to show you my latest Miniature, a Diorama with Bilbo Baggins.

I invested a lot of time in creating the scene around Bilbo, this project was one of the most bonding projects in my time in this hobby. And I am happy with the overall looking and the process, from creating the base, from the first step with knead milliput to the final look. He won bronze at the Golden Vinci, in the open Category (behind my jungle mates)^^

So far I hope you like it, I am looking forward to the next projects.. they will be different, but I think I will stay close to this natural basing thing..:)

Please feel free to visit my gallery on CMON, thanks for votes or comments.That's the link to Bilbo:

These two pictures were from AFM Montrouge. I was a little bit unlucky in the competition I think.. but okey, the competition is over and it's important to look to the next projects now.

My version of the Rhino, I know the pictures of him aren't perfect. The scene is called "my brother". His CMON Link is:

That's all from my table so far:)

best regards Oli


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