Painting Class in PARIS/VERSAILLES in September????

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


At the moment I am planning a painting class in Paris / Versailles, France,
together with the FIG78 Team
in early September 2012
in english language, with french translation available.

 - before further detail plans are forged -
we ask you if you are interested in taking part in the class?

The class is timed over one complete weekend,
starting on Friday night til Sunday.
It is my - Roman aka jarhead's - Beginner's class,
that does not mean it is for beginners only.
It is an introduction in my way of thinking, working and painting.
The class is hardcore structured and is not only watching me paint something with little explanation,
instead it is further more - some described it as an eyeopener, 
from starters in painting to professional cracks.
If intrested in some reviews of the classes of the past,
The miniature we all paint is a GW's Demonette as it serves perfect
to combine the content of the class without being stuck to a colour scheme,
the class itself will guide you to understand whatever colours you will paint. 

Are you interested in getting to know the true power of magic voodoo painting 
and enjoy the spirit of Happy Painting over one weekend? 
Let us know via comment here in the jungle   
or sent an email to fig78team---at---googlemail---dot---com
to help us plan and organise this weekend for you!

The cost for the whole weekend is usually 105,00 € for classes in Germany.
We are trying very hard to keep this price. We can't promise not to raise it a little bit, 
because of travelling costs, but we will be able  to say more as soon as we know if 
there are people interested and we are starting to organise it in detail.

Feel invited to let us know what you think and ask if there are questions!!
Please feel free to link this information up to your forum or show it to your friends
to get this going straight forward!



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