Good Morning Music

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa brushfriends,

back from the painting class I got so much to do - Working on projects, writing a lot of stuff and organising mucho grande ultimato things to come in the near future ... When I honestly look on the stuff I got to do I would say never I could achieve to have them all solved fast, but sometimes when I feel not strong enough Zeus throws a lightning down from Olympus - thanks to Lutz for showing me this song - another nice version of the Skyrim theme which makes me think back to my time playing Skyrim, the days when I screamed at dragons in the sky and slain beasts I never thought I could achieve to do ... Using this memory to get todays stuff all done - music is the key :)

By the way - I love the little violin on the warriors girls back ... this is so cool!
Read you soon!
Best Wishes 


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