You enjoy your painting time the most when ...

by Roman aka jar

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You all took your chance and the jungle says a big thank you in your direction.
So many of you wrote their thoughts on painting joy via comments and it was hard to chose one winner from. In the end you are all winners - really enjoyed your attidutes towards this question ...

Check the comments - worth a read!

For me - as I am to choose one winner - it is the following by Helgar:

"I enjoy my painting time the most when I'm painting a piece for a close friend or relative as a gift. For me this is a way of showing my appreciation of having them in my life...because lets face it we don't know if the last time we see them will be our last. It's always a great feeling painting something and the anticipation I have for when you get to see their face in awe as you give them something painted just for them. Recently this past Sept I lost my mom to was a year of struggle and we knew it was a matter of time before she was gone. Mom always loved Angels and I had planned on painting one for her Birthday in Oct but I knew deep down she wouldn't be around for her birthday. So, I got to working on the angel and managed to complete it in a short period of time at my best quality of paint job. Went to visit her at my parents house and told her I had a suprise for her. Carefully I brought the mini in and held it in my hands in front of her and told her to open her eyes. The look on my moms face made my heart melt as she was so excited and amazed at what I had done for her. I can't count the number of times she said she loves her angel so much and she couldn't quit looking at it throughout the week. She was only able to enjoy it for a short time..but I like to think it helped lift her spirits and showed her how much I loved her. This is why I enjoy my painting time...
Cheers everyone!"

I did the decision from the heart while reading the comments and this one hit me the most but believe me in fact every one of you should get something ... but maybe you already have when you enjoy your painting that much :)

Please write an email with your adress to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com subjected with "Painting Joy - Helgar" to recieve your jungle surprise soon!

Best Wishes


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