Midnight WiPs - Lost Temple #4

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter, Baphomet

Hey all,

I think this will be the last WiP-posting till the project is finished... time is running out and every posting need too much time ;) still a lot to do and as it is the nature of all last minute-projects, I just see my mistakes and not the good parts...

After phases of frustration I see the end of the line :) if there happens nothing special (collapsing cabinets, evil ovens and something like that) I think I can finish it by time...

Weekend was one of painting and time for relaxing... I just left home to buy cigaretts and so I´m really afraid to turn into a hermit if I can´t finish the diorama soon... but I by neglecting social contacts I was able to get on with the miniatures and you can see the actual state on the pictures below...  two of the barabrians are nearly completed (the third will be tomorrow), the Minotaur just needs some more hours to finish the details (hair, legs, weapon, skulls, leather and wood)...

Today I mainly worked on the base and as I needed to speed up with it I had to break a pomise I gave to Raffa... I used oil colourst to get on with the flagging (I tried it with acryl but got mad with it)... hope he accepts my apologies and I don´t have to sleep on the balcony when I´m at his place ;)

So here are the pictures...




Hope you like them :)



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