Tutorial - Building up your paintrack

by Roman aka jar

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Welcome to another small article.

This time it is about on how to store your colours to easy pick them up and put them back while working. I got asked many times on how I did build up my paintrack lately. The following explanation is just meant as inspiration for you to build up your own. To those who are too lazy to do so, there is also the option to buy a paintrack from different manufacturers.

Building something up in the end it isn't something very special and I believe everyone can find a solution that fits to him. Here now comes my explanation: First sorry that I have no work in Progress photos, building it went pretty fast and so I just can help you with explanations.

First, Peter and I went into the do-it-yourself-store and bought a mighty white wooden board. Thanks for your help my friend. Next we went to get some plastic angle bands where the colours are planned to stand on. Check for colour pot seizes and the depth of the angles if there is enough space for them.

Next we went home again and used an power screwdriver to bring the plastic angle bands to the white board. Also check for colour sizes and the distance between the bands for perfect fitting before screwdriving. A pencil might help :)

Final step was cutting the plastic with a saw to an overall fit to the white board as we bought them way too mighty. As I told you there are no real step by step photos but I guess everyone can read the following and sum back to my instructions. Hope it helps - here you go:

The plastic angle bands - already after I cut them by using the saw.

As you can see I was not doing perfect saw cuts :D - in the end it doesn't look like perfection on some places but I can live with that as it fullfills its duty pretty well. Here are some final shots on how it looks in action ...

I hope I could have helped in answering these questions. Now it is time that you build up your own paintrack or buy one if you don't have one already.

Take care while screwdriving and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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