Asterios´ Legacy - final WiP

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys...

as I´m taking a quick brake I wanted to show you a very last (quick-shot) wip-picture...

There is still some stuff to do...  but I will finish it tomorrow

As I was checking all my miniatures for tomorrow I realized my cabinet´s brakedown some weeks ago was worse then I thought... I thought about taking "Hattin" to Ingolstadt but as I saw the desaster´s real amount tonight I realized there is no chance of saving it... big parts of the colour broke away and it´s nearly impossible to repaint the parts without recognizing... I´ll have to repaint the whole miniature... the horseman also took some bad hits and I have to resculpt some parts of the lovely hair before I can finish him...

My mood is quite bad at the moment but I should have looked for the damage earlier... but I think I did not want to... well... everything happens with purpose... I´ll  finish "Asterios´ Legacy" and take care  about all the other miniature later :)

Hope to see some of you in Ingolstadt!



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