Graz Painting Class - the Aftermath

by Roman aka jar

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Dear Jungle reader,

in the last painting class review from Graz, Austria I told you about some relaxed days in Austria for me and I want to thank my friends for such nice days. As there was still Robert's birthday on Sunday night after the class we decided to paint on our both projects - Robert and I started our Medusa bust during the class weekend and put some attention at them on sunday night, even we both were tired like ... nah, I don't know how but seriously tired. Some Impressions of Sunday night ...

After the weekend passed in retroperspective Monday seemed like a hell of a trip. I was completly dead from talking all weekend and just kept that day pretty quiet.

For Tuesday we planned a little painters meeting at Roberts with some friends and I choose to cook. I am very bad in cooking but with Robert's words of wisdom I managed to feed 8 people and made them happy. I was glad that I am not as stupid at cooking as ever believed. We also had a sketch book from Oli to fill who wasn't able to come. Some Impressions from Tuesday night, it was dark ...

Thanks for those wonderful days to everyone involved! I am happy to see some of you again soon for the Duke of Bavaria!!!



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