Workshop Review - Graz, Austria III

by Roman aka jar

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Graz in Austria.
Has much meaning to me as here there has been the first of my painting classes back in those days, where I wasn't that hardened workshop veteran. I went there for a second time in late 2010 and had as much fun as before. Now in 2012 it was the third Workshop tour to Graz and into the mountains of Austria and into the wild of those great mountain peoples :)

Meanwhile I am happy to have some real friends in Graz. I mean those where your heart aches when it is time to leave. This class itself was a very small class with only 12 participants, many of them I already know some years what makes me thankful. This class was also the class with the biggest number of female attentands, what is always a joy as the male gang will try to stay gentleman-like the whole weekend. Robert aka muhani aka chimp helped to organise the class again at the place to be: the library of the TU-University in Graz. Many thanks for all your sacrifices my friend - also I want to thank every helping hand during the weekend and afterwards as I took some days off to relax in the middle of the mountain people. I really appreciate all your friendship and help. You have my deepest gratitude :)

The class started on Friday night with preparing the figures and the bases and again a lot of theory about my thoughts on painting and colour theory. This time there have been at least half the class being participants who took the class for the second time, or as two other madmen did, for the the 4th time. So you might see only some demonettes as a follow up participant is allowed to paint whatever he likes, able to recieve detail feedback to his projects.

Some Impressions of Friday night ... thanks to Andi and Michael for their additional photo material for this review.


Friday went by in a rush, at least it felt like.
Saturday arrived with high expectations as this day would bring colours on the individual projects.
The morning work was filled with final preparations and a big priming session before going to lunch, so some of us where at the lunch with dirty black hands - I told you to use the gloves!! :D

After eating and regaining some powers - or was it just the opposite? - we started with bringing a basic sketch of light and shadow, contrasts and colour feelings up to the projects. We sketched our path through Saturday until the late night bell rang and at 00:00 it was time to celebrate Roberts birthday, which wasn't easy as he acted like being on the biggest mission ever - he went partying and we all were scared if he might be able to unlock the doors in the upcoming morning oO ...

Impressions of Saturday

After a night of deep sleep Sunday arrived and Robert was just there in time to unlock the gates to painting heaven coming straight from megaultrapartying ... and still had energies for about 15 Minutes :D - after this he fell asleep on a couch and Mario and him brought us a meditational soundtrack while painting most of the day. After they did rise again Robert did recieve a little cake with a wonder sparkling candle and the class past on. Sketching was over and every project closed the circle of unpainted areas to get a full view on what was going on with colours. We did start with detail work introductions and it was a pure joy for me to see those projects rise. As I have seen around 300 Demonettes painted in the last 23 classes I am not demonstrating on these sculpts during the class as I just can't see them anymore. This time I did paint one again and really enjoyed it ...

Impressions of Sunday


Sundays end arrived way too fast and I am thankful to everyone who stayed so relaxed and the class could end without much hectic. We also managed to do a group shot of our small class ... Sandra is being missing badly on the photo as she wasn't able to attend the class on sunday :/ - thanks to Mario for hitting the buttons ...

In the following you can see some final shots of the projects on Sunday night.
Impressive if you ask me for some hours of painting and I am truely proud of everybody of you. Already one missing as there was a train to catch ... so much cool projects, it really was my pleasure to help you making them grow ...

This was my demonette, where I did demonstrate my way of painting on. I did not finish it and I was not in the mood to do so as it is sometimes good to give a miniature away to another person ... so I did to an aspiring painting champion.

Again thanks to everyone involved in the class. It was such a cool weekend, with nice people and I hope I was able to share with you some happy painting :)

There will be a little report after the days beyond the class as we organized a nice painting night on Tuesday again, where I tried to cook :D

Here is just a little preview:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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