Midnight WiP - Lost Temple

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey everyone,

as big Kong has traveled to Austria for a painting-class and little Capuchin is still in his well-earned vacation, I will keep the jungle rollin´ ;)

Just wanted to share with you some thoughts and early wip-shot of my actual project for the Duke of Bavaria-Contest. I´m quite late with it, as I planed to start at beginning of March... but I did not had the right ideas for it... just the nice Minotaur (by Banelords)... but finally some days ago I felt a fitting scene rising in my mind and started constructing..

There will be more pictures and words about it in the next two weeks, as I´m trying to finish the whole thing till end of April... BUT: I will take all the time necessary and not gettig sloppy... if there is not enough time, it will be finished after the contest. In my opinion a contest should be a motivation to get started and to paint with full concentration, but not to be the answer to the question why you paint. It´s a hobby and a beautiful one. Competitions are made for meeting other crazy people who are licking their brushes, bending their backs in strange position and having fun by doing it ;)

But back to the project - codename "Lost Temple" (as a passionate Starcraft-player I loved this title...).

A shot from yesterday, after finishing the constructing part:

A shot from tonight... you see I added a nice tree after I thought to be finished with the construction... sometimes there are late ideas, that have to be used ;)

What is the scene in my mind? I see an very old temple-ruin, forgotten some centuries ago... this was a holy place, sacred for ancient culture, worshipping a special creature. Old legends tell about Asterios, son of Minos, who lived in a dark prision beneath the temple. But after he was fought by Theseus, public interest in the temple was lost and became a place of legends... but who said that Asterios´ kind was erased? Packs of treasure-hunters and young male Cretians know better. They know that Asterios´ legacy is still living in the dark of the ruins and waiting for everone who tries to follow Theseus´ way...

Idea for the temple´s colour: CLICK ME!

And some quick shots of the "actors" ;)

Read you all soon ;)



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