Ho! Ho! Ho! Pirates like to roll!!

by Roman aka jar

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

I finally finished a real long time project. I did start this model as a demonstration model during a painting class in Munich, Germany this early year and it turned out to be something really big as i really had my fun - c'mon Pirates are always fun as everyone wants to be a pirate or even is in his heart ... free and wildly roaming the oceans. I will tell a little bit more about the project itself after i have shown the photos and first i want to start off with a great pirate poem i found and which fits perfectly...

Pirates are friendly

Pirates are hearty
They’re bluff and they’re loud
They’ll always have fun
On their own or in crowds

Some have an eye patch
And some have a hook
In place of the hand
That a crocodile took

They’re usually friendly
Despite all your fears
But if you should cross them
They’ll cut off your ears

They’ll stamp on your fingers
Stick knives up your nose
Put ants in your trousers
And crabs on your toes

And then when they’re finished
And your spirits are low
It’s off to the edge of the ship you must go

Hands tied behind you
Eyes bound about
You’re prodded and pushed
By their jeers and their shouts

Your eyes start to water
There’s no hope, let’s be frank
In a matter of seconds
You’ll fall from The Plank

Below you’ll be swallowed
By water and sharks
Who will bite you and tear you
Into many wee parts

You prepare for the moment
When you’ll fall into space
You screw up your courage
Your hands and your face

Then suddenly, laughter!
A hug and a poke
Why those silly old pirates
Were having a joke!

I told you they’re friendly
Despite all your fears
But, if you should cross them
It could all end in tears

I found this great poem at this source and was really inspired by it. Many thanks for the inspiration to the author and everyone who kept me  Now comes the finished Pirate Madness...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Pirates like to roll!
Tales of War, 28 mm

Now to some brainstorm about the project. 
Oh hell yeah it was fun and pain. No not really pain, in no moment it has been painful - it was always a pure joy to work on it. The waves took the most time and it still takes time to write the article about them, so please be patient. The pirate by Tales of War made me see this vision about a year ago. I saw the sculpt and knew there will be a boat, i had no idea that my Painting Class model could do this vision justice in the end. Here is a Work in Progress shot from during the class:

The ship was a model kit i did buy in a model kit store during a stay in Berlin. No idea which manufacturer that one was and in the end i did cut it to pieces. I did all place it on a socket by Sockelmacher.de. 

The little animals all around are from different manufacturers. five fish and one bird of the small animal set by Busch and 2 apes of Mantis Miniatures. The rest is made from bits and scratch build stuff i can't remember to tell you all. I did create a flag article some calm fouling article during the project. I've used McDonalds coffee wooden coffee sticks to do the planks and did cut them for some damage look and did use this crackle paint to achieve the old wood look.  I did take shots to write a big advanced water article, but as i told you some more time is needed for this. Here are some more Work in Progress shots for those who are intrested in:



Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Really i had my fun at this project even it tooks it time - i can not really say how many hours i've spent on that one but i guess somewhat around 80+. I am really happy with the result on how my vision turned out and i hope you like him too. Stay tuned for the big water article and if you like to vote for the model over in the big voting arena feel free to do so here at the overview or here at the detailed view. Let me know what you think about him and don't forget to get up tomorrow and scream Ho! Ho! Ho! into your bathroom mirror...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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