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Tomorrow Raffa and I will travel to Oli and will have a nice and short night at theirs. Really looking forward to this but also fear comes to my heart when i think about getting up around 4 o'clock on Saturday morning for our trip to Paris. Really looking forward to this too and i've already trained my tongue: "Je m'appelle Roman! - Qu'est que ce? Je travaille pour l'ordinateur! Ca va? Bien! Bonschouuuhhrrr!!! - Nah, lets see, happy and funny days ahead with tons of people to meet - this is always the greatest part of such an event. I ain't got that much time to post at the moment so without much blabla some last impressions out of the jungle...

Work in Progress
Finished Stuff
by Raffa

Raffa is going mad on a brand new Grey Knight.
Grey Knights will be a big topic in the next months i can promise that :)
Love Raffa's colour scheme but plan my own totally different - that will be intresting, i guess. Love the subtle cold/warm contrast Raffa did put in his True Metallic Metall, sweet Halleluja i am really looking forward to collect a small army again, together with Raffa - 24 Models, 12 for each of us. That is a plan we had. Work in Progress:


Raffa also finished 2 wonderful projects in my eyes. One will be seen soon as it was done for an online painting competition and is not allowed to be seen yet. The other one is the "Centaur" by Artefactory - lovely work by the italian Stallion i think...

Raffa finished sculpting a bust he did start long time ago...

Work in Progress
Finished Stuff
by Roman

Damn the paparazzi next door!!! Damn him!! :)

I do love painting but get way too less sleep the last couple of days because i am having so much fun while painting. Neverthless i finally did finish the "Ho! Ho! Ho! Pirates like to roll!". There will be bigger photos soon and also more angles, but i ain't got no time - need to finish the mad plan... one shot of the pirate... more soon:

And... the mad plan is still active. I want to finish that cow til tomorrow. Here goes a little impressions series on what has happened... meanwhile the time is running out :)

Still work in Progress - many plans to be executed til ... oO - soon and fast!!... So i am out and only have to pack one miniature for Paris - the Hombre Toro, when finished. More straight out of the jungle when we are back... see you there or miss you there, we will have a report with us when we are back in the bamboo mountains...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS: If you look close enough you can also see some article content in this posting - srrrr! sssrrrrr! sssrrrr!!!


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