Welcome Peter!

by Roman aka jar

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The Jungle has a new family member ready to jump the boat: :)
As this is about a really good friend of mine i have to take a moment to tell you something about Peter, aka internet nick "Baphomet".

Peter is great.
He always was, but as we met some years ago Peter was struggling with himself, hardcore.
About the overall sense in life, about future, about past, about politics, about history, about himself - at least i am allowed to say that Peter was struggling with almost everything he did, but what he missed during these years was just enjoying to be alive in the present. We had our hard days during our friendship but finally the tiny supreme intelligence spaceship has landed at Peters dockyard. It took a while but Peter really has changed and finally found what i was trying to explain to him over the last years - Happines and what is most important to me, Habby Bainting. Now there is an amazing tentacle running riot at the landing zone and he enjoys being happy, finally. Peter you can always ring my bell as I also learned a lot from you :)

When it comes to painting... let me start this in another way: When i paint together with Peter, having him sit next to me he really scares the shit out of me. He is brutal and direct when it comes to construct a base and a madman when it comes to colours. Everytime he does something he scares me like this! But he is improving since i've met him for the first time, not only in becoming a great person spreading the joy out of his traveling tentacle antenna in every corner of the room, he has also changed his view on several other topics, including the Miniature Hobby. He is still a brutal Grizzly Bear when it comes to basing but i am less and less moved by such thoughts* when enjoying Happy Painting together. The best thing is you can see the change from a dark cloudy thinking Peter to a shining happy thinking Peter in his models too, and that is in fact the reason why Kong and the other apes decided to make you the Chosen one - the Baphomet, welcome home friend and may you always paint like brutal thunder :)

I now make room for Peter himself to have himself introduced!
- ey? Matt? We are still missing yours :)

*for example using a complete bottle of superglue with common earth on one base in one night ;)


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