Last call for your Mad Max Dream Car!!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Last Information call!

Siamtiger asks via comment:

Just for clarification;

last time for entry is the 14th 23:59 or the 15th 23:59?

This is what the bamboo answer machine said:
April 18th 2011 - 23:59!

HUH? 3 days more...
For all short time entering particpants - i am at a Painting Class this weekend and will be away from the internet for the weekend. Wow, great planning by myself, damn! Sorry for this circumstance. Don't expect a "Comfirmed Mad Max Entry Email" from me at the weekend and that is why i just add these 3 additional days to the competition for those who are not yet full of spirit - sorry about the short time change of the rules, but hey!, really ...

at least when it is a Massive Voodoo Competition :)

I will announce this in the main Mad Max area for all to see and don't you be angry with me. I just would love to see even more cars full of Soul and passion! Thanks for your entries so far!

Read you soon and keep on habby bainting!


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