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Scoutcar 01

The Car is called "ScoutCar 01"  - it's a scouting car for my tribe. We drive thru postapocalyptic deserts looking for food,gas and shelter. My role as a scout is to be on a lookout for next save place to replenish our supplies and to warn my people of any dangers ahead like mutants, zombies and gangs.

I choose an old American Muscle car because it's reliable, fast and easy to repair (and because it's soo cool). I didn't change it much from the oryginal kit. I've added a hood scoop and a rack in the back for tools, spare tire and some essential stuff.


Hier ist mein alter EVO VI. Smily wird von einem Smuggler gefahren, der in den verlassenen Städten nach brauchbaren/verkaufbaren Relikten sucht. War echt eine coole Competition!!!! Hab viel gelernt.


A car used to collect usefull things to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

So far from today's desert tribes... more to roll in soon! 22 of 29!


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