Workshop Review, Dillingen-Saar

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle friends,

Raffa and i, we had been to another painting class last one week ago. As i am very busy these days with projects and visits by friends this might get my shortest review ever i guess.

First i want to say big, big thanks to Eric for a wonderful place to sleep and Andy for helping to organise the weekend full of colours in Dillingen-Saar, Germany. We have been stationed in Andy's great shop, Dragonlordgames and had a bit colour and miniature party there. Many thanks to everyone who was brave enough to attend - as i've heard at the class at least everyone had his fun and learned something. Really, believe me - it's all there just open your eyes and stay patient at your brush. Also Anci, Raffa's lady was with us and i am very thankful to have you both as friends. Many thanks for your help during the weekend.

Thanks to those who supported this review with their photos - i did not really made much and Raffa was busy too as you all have seen, usually he is the big Paparazzi - i hope you enjoy those following.

Some Impressions:




 For sure we got a group photo of all the painted workshop miniatures and the gang themselve. I feel very sorry that i am so busy these days - the big project needs big attention. I can only say from the heart that i am happy and thankful that there are people intresting in the things i can tell as there is much blaburb that i can talk all day long ... many thanks it was my pleasure!


The gang's all here:

Always paint from the heart and do it with joy and learning will come from itself... I am looking forward to see you again someday as it was my pleasure in Dillingen - some soon at the upcoming Duke of Bavaria - oh dear, i gotta work and hurry ...

Keep on happy painting!


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