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The time for entering the competition is over.

I just can say wohow!! at the moment. 29 entries full with heart, personality and ultimate post-apocalyptic athmosphere dropped in from all over the planet. Really all your imagination in form of your car and describtion via words are brilliant.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has entered the competition.
For sure you are now allowed to show your entry whereever you like - there was no rule against showing Work in Progress and there won't be a strange rule now. Just be proud of your entry and show it to the world. 

What is happening next?

Next i will collect everything together, prepare the upload and additional i have decided to post the cars not all together. I just bring them up to the jungle by showing 3~4 at once and do one posting a day. I hope that is ok with everyone. I really need time to make my decision because i fell in love with every entry. With 3~4 a day there will be some excitment and in the end, before i do my decision around the end of next week there will be a big gallery linked up to the jungle competition area with all entries included.

I can't tell you how soon my decision will be made as the next weeks are a bit hectic for me. Please be patient - as i also got 3 cool special prices randomly given away to all the particapants. I'll keep you informed about everything.

Later today the first entries will be shown.
I love your cars and i am just stunned by all your creativity! Very, very impressive!
Read you soon! Wrrrroooooommmm!!



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