AFM Mountrouge 2011 - Review

by Roman aka jar

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I was really looking forward to write the report about our journey to Paris to the AFM Mountrouge Miniature Show 2011.

First off i want to say the biggest thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful weekend.
Miniature friends we met for the first time, well known faces and surprises. It was so familiar being at the event and feel deep thanks to everyone who made this weekend so special, everyone who was there, everyone who took his figures there, everyone who had a store there, everyone who did celebrate this event and made it as glorious as it was - BUT the biggest thanks goes out to Daddy@Cool who did the amazing driving action, even in those streets full with chaos and madness in Paris. Thanks to Oli and his dad, Andi for a wonderful weekend together.

On Friday Raffa and I did travel to Olis and did stay the night to start our journey early on Saturday morning. Instead of calming down the monkeys did spent the time with miniature talk, some great pizza by Oli's mum and additional to this we did paint until 2 o'clock in the morning to do some final work on some models and did get out of bed at 4 o'clock again like Zombies to hit the road. We arrived in Paris, Mountrouge around midday (7~8 hours driving) and after a horrible search for a place to park the car we straightly hit the place of this years AFM Mountrouge and have been welcomed nice by the King of patience, Richard, who helped us with everything important and introduced us to other really nice people. Really it feels always like family when Miniature friends come together, wether the nationality or language - it is always wonderful.

The event itself took place in some kind of school's or university's gym. Much place and i did not expect to see the place so crowded in the end. Here are some impressions of the first hours in Paris, in fact i just found the photos of Allan Carassco's sculpting exhibition. Oh dear this guy can do whatever he likes with putty and in the end or mostly after some seconds it looks breathtaking... a true master!


I found some more pictures of the place - here was where everything took place - massive Miniature Love and Madness. Hope you enjoy the impression of the show - there have been so many great figures and ideas that it felt my heart stops every second because of the massive beauty around...


Ough! Ough! Ough!
At this point we do a little break from all the miniatures and all the mad wonderful people. There will be a second run on the event with tons of photos later on. I told you that we Monkey guys were really done with the world after our travel - so we choose to checked into the hotel, made some Pfft! Pfft! and went out in a beautiful sunny afternoon to hit the streets of Paris and see some tourist places and other hidden areas in that really nice city ... 



Ok, so much to the weird monkey time... we had so much to laugh but then our fun was driven away on Sunday morning as we made ready to hit the catacombs of Paris early in the morning. I just was shocked by tha massive amount of human bones and the close look you can take at them. If you think that everyone of those could tell a whole life, full with happiness, sadness, love and tragedy - it was just breathtaking and i hate those idiots who think stealing bones from there is cool or drawing their names at a skull - somehow such people should all be placed in a rocket and pushed to the moon... scary, inspirational and dunning to modesty...

Back to the event - some more impressions from Sunday - Raffa and i did buy these wonderful Paris Fan shirts, but you would have done the same if you have been with us during Saturday's sunny afternoon...


The weekend past so very fast and left so much great impressions, all i can say there was too less time to enjoy it even more. So many nice people we did meet and greet and even the award ceremony, which was only french and without photos of the entries managed to get close to made my head explode in "Je ne parlais pas francaise! Je suis d'allemand!" - Kabboouuumm!!! It was so great and again congratz to everyone who can call themself a winner in the event - but hey wait, this weekend wasn't about winning or loosing - no one did lose something in my eyes, it was a win for everyone simply to be there and enjoy.

I guess that's it!
I am still a bit off the hook of all the impressions the weekend brought and i am very thankful to Raffa, Oli and Andi to have been able to spent such a great time together. I'll never forget this weekend.

Keep on happy painting to you all and eat bananas!
Best Regards

PS: We try to bring up a video about the AFM Mountrouge 2011 as we did with the Duke of Bavaria - but this might take some more time. Stay tuned!


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