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A little introduction on how i post the upcoming entries.

First, there will be a little text written by the person who created his dream car. A text for describtion and thoughts connected to her/his project. Most of the information is in english language, but unfortunatley i did recieve some in german. I know it is my fault that i did not tell something about that and i have to say sorry again that i don't have the time to translate them. I also did recieve some entries without further describiton - i may write little text to those.

I can also tell you that these information won't have influance on my decision as the judge - they are great to read but my decision is just from the heart, the cars that hit my heart the most and in fact this is really hard as every entry touched my heart ...

Many thanks for your entries, they are all so damn cool - here we go with the first round, 3 of 29 - i hope you enjoy and feel invited to comment! There is no order in my posting, i just post them up as my email program sorted them by name :)

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so much life in there

Black Metal
with working LEDs

Black Pearl

This is my entry, the Black Pearl.  Based off of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.  The Black Pearl was the fastest ship in the movie and could not be outrun. 

Model: 1:32 Revell- '07 Shelby GT500 (Ford Mustang)

In the future I imagine myself being leader of a gang called the Pirates.  My vehicle is a stolen MFP Pursuit Interceptor (MFP on each door with red paint over it and rear diamond plate says PURSUIT with red paint over it). Pirate stencils are seen in red on the doors and the hood complete with overspray (skull with cross swords). The car has been through a couple of road bumps and shows hasty repair. 

So far, read you tomorrow about some more beautiful Mad Max Cars :)


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