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Hombre Toro by Spherewars - what a model and chaotic mission i loaded upon myself - about 4 days and some additional night time have been needed to finish him in a quick pace during hardcore disciplined working days, but in the end he made it ready for the AFM Mountrouge in Paris.

I somehow transported this emptying myself from powers into the paintjob. I can not tell you how - but this vision i had of Hombre Toro makes him a fighter, a warrior, already beaten but still breathing until his last heartbeat and until the final moment he is kicking ass with everything he got.  His death won't matter to his nation as the war still rages on and he was just an unexperienced warrior of the Forest Tribe adding his death to a greater victory against the human race who wants to control the whole world. There are still many others of his nation and they will rise to be free, the old warriors are marching the land and the earth shakes beneath their weight. This young bull soon dies on a rainy day but he made sure that his enemies remember his fury and pride. Hope you like him...

Hombre Toro

Here comes one megabig photo - click to enlarge...

Many thanks to Spherewars for creating such a great sculpt in my eyes. I will do him again as i already have 3 other visions in plan. The sculpt is really awesome, so dynamic and it really paints itself due pure joy. I also wanted to keep the base simple to enjoy the miniature itself with more attention. I did also focus to paint him i tragic and proud way, guess the intense zenithal light situation transports this athmosphere, at least this is what i've tried. 
I hope you like my version - i even did use my own hair on that bull lately. If you want to take a look on the same photos over in the big voting arena, drop me a line there or just want to say hi with your wicked click you can find the overview here and the detailed collage here. I am really looking forward to see many different visions on this wonderful sculpt. I did prepare some more articles while working on this model, but just did not have the time yet to work and prepare them, please be patient, but feel free to ask or say whatever you like or think...

Keep on happy painting! Mooohhh!!
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