Cpt. Maulg news

by Robert aka muhani

posted by Robert, chimp, muhani

Once there was a poject called "Chimp's Cpt. Maulg" here in the jungle.
One attribute was it's slow progress. This has an end now.

Guess what! There is a pair of big gorilla hands waiting to rip the packet I've sent to his cave.
It's becoming an apish team project! Yeah!!!
And I gave big kong plenty of rope doing whatever he likes with his part. Hopefully not making a youtube video of smashing the ship with a big hammer as he threatend me on the phone with a laugher.
In some days I'll visit him in his cave and we put the parts together again, ... if possible.
In the meantime I'll finish the Captain trying not to fall asleep and being plagued by nightmares of hammer swinging apes ....



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