Bananas and Inspiration

by Roman aka jar

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Good Morning Jungle!

Everyday is full of inspiration and here comes another big inspiration post to keep you all informed about where my inspiration comes from.

First, i want to start off with a photo i took during a visit of Munich's Zoo last Saturday with a bunch of friends. Big thanks to Raffa for borrowing me his camera to be able to took those photos. I did many others and will do a little photo gallery if someone tells me he his intrested - just do this via comment here - i am asking about it because this will take much time for me to prepare all 300 photos and i guess i will do it only if there is somebody intrested - so raise your voice! The photo shown was done at the gorilla enclosure - at place while i took the photo i was a bit sad that i could not sit where the boy's family sit to take good shots of the silverback but in the end everything happens with a reason and i am more than happy that the photo turned out this way - love the mirroring of the glass - i would say this was a lucky shot - tell me what you think when seeing this via comment, that would be great to know:

Next, BANANA Sculpting. Haha, so many people emailed me this link of a great sculptor who sculpts with Bananas. Ok, what can i say, thanks a lot for keeping me updated about this - you know the Jungle is the best place for bananas. Just take a look at this amazing work.

My morning inspiration is strong and always guided by music - right music in the right moment means Soul Freshness:

Another musical perfection comes by Moby and this video is just story telling:

And now back to the classical way of posting my inspirational weirdness. Here you go with some links that you could hit and maybe wonder what will appear behind. Please do this only if you got some spare time - don't want you to say that i am stealing your time ;)

Another cool video to another Moby song!

A cool eye, maybe someone paints it someday!
Thomas David's Agora Miniatures
Giant Spider Web Trees
Sucker Punch Miniatures at Chest of Colours
Inspiration to sculpt male anatomy

Bye, bye for the moment... and good morning again!


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