Wax and Wire Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Rivers from the skies ...
... or the power of colours :)

Now a shocking moment of a quick colour switch:

Back to topic:

Thanks to Daddy@Cool i am able to show you something special.
Somehow every painter has a box to transport his miniatures. Sometimes these boxes tell stories and catch names and moments. Such a box was given to Raffa and me from Valérie, a very nice french miniature paintress (if you are intrested in her work follow this link - a really beautiful creative piece). As the box was already full with great stuff it was a big honour for us to do it justice or at least try so. Val did lent it to us from Saturday to Sunday. It was Saturday night where this magic moment happened - after a real hard day and excitement, impressions of Paris, walking again and again, still no sleep, after drinking a cold beer with Oli and his Dad, after we passed the point of accepting to feel like walking dead this magic moment took place ... where Raffa and I did put out colours and activated serious mad'n'magic monkey powers to add our signatures to this wonderful box, additional with a little jungle surprisé inside ...


Val, may the Banana God always guide your path! It was a big honour for us both and a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the box message exchange - you? - try this at home with your friends and exchange your boxes to have some fun!

Enjoy colours and keep on happy painting - here comes a great song i found in the latest posted biker video - it is from Loch Lomond and somehow reflects the mood and happy painting spirit Paris left inside my soul and keeps me in a great happy painting shape, maybe you'll enjoy it too ...


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