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by Roman aka jar

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We are back from another wonderful Happy Painting Weekend in Dillingen Saar. There will be a big report about it for sure and also some Nnws about more classes, also serious planning of international classes in english - all to come soon.

Many thanks to all involved so far for this great weekend - some first black and white impressions will be attached to this posting. I am still a bit exhausted but joy, happiness, the sun, fine music, great friends, Robert's visit tomorrow and some big plans for the future days guide me the way :)

I can't tell you how inspiring Robert's ship is here at my workbench - soon it starts to be completed in 10 hard days of joyful work - praising the jungle gods in hidden bamboo temples, now it is served and  prepared  to be fullfilled. Some shots i took during a sunny morning last week, again the ship, still not repaired lamp by me - waiting for the Capitano Roberto to join me to plan and fullfill together.


Read you soon and don't forget to enter your Mad Max Car today - at 23:59 tonight the time for taking part is over. So far many thanks for soo many cool entries... Everyone who took part is special as there is so much soul and heart in your cars. Wrrrroooommm!!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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