Soul Samba

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

I have learned not to get nervous when my muse is not with me on a project. This just tells me the project has to wait until the right moment arrives - it now has with the Arky, maybe because of April, maybe because i've met Mr. Roberto Chaudon, the sculptor of the Arkvenger in Paris and enjoyed some really nice talk with him about passions or maybe because i saw 7 swans flying above me this morning at the balcony ...who knows, it now is time! The coloumn you can see in the photo is by the company ImagiSculpt - i did buy it at the event and did not found a homepage yet... pretty cool coloumns they got... PS: Thanks to Oni via comment:

Here is a facebook album of Fabrice who is the boss of imagisculpt...

If i'm not wrong, a website is under construction...


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