le petit Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Wooohhooooowww!! Je t'aime Paris! Soon there will be a big report about a great weekend. Stay tuned. This will be a small Kong Fu as i just did put my models back in place after the event and Kong Fu is coming to my heart to my cabinet so full. Some are done on comission, some are gifts for friends, some are already sold or promised to other causes and will be shipped soon... that's the point where Kong Fu comes in place - i am really looking forward to have some more space again in my cabinet when starting to sent some stuff of these now (not many as i am able to keep the most until the Duke of Bavaria in May) - i don't really know what i want to say i just want catch that moment of being proud of this view into my cabinet at the moment ... done with lightning from the camera...


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