On the road again...

by Roman aka jar

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This is more a "Joy of Painting-Post", but i am feeling a bit sad to leave my workbench for another Painting Class, that is why i call it "on the road again". I am sad to leave but really happy and looking forward to hold the class in Dillingen-Saar. Raffa and his lady are with me and Raffa's lady is very talented when it comes to Miniature Painting - i am really looking forward what she thinks after the class. This might be the last posting until Monday from my side and on Tuesday there will be Captain Roberto rolling in - jippiieee!!

Some more Work in Progress shots from today before the final packing:

Don't forget to enter your Mad Max Car until Monday Night - rock on and make wheels burn and desert rabbits scared. Another Reminder: jump the boat and paint something for Japan if you want to help. I will stay busy like this until the Duke of Bavaria 2011 is over - then i will search a place in the jungle to rest my back and write some of the articles promised all the time...

Thanks for your patience and time you spent reading this :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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