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It makes me very happy that some works of mine could inspire - thanks to Julien for sharing this with me - your version looks impressive to me, i love the skulls on the chains...


I'm a french mini painter, I take an eye on your work because I like how you play with color and light on your pieces.

One day, one or two years ago,  I've seen one of yours mini call "Nimue - Slaanesh Princess, Chaos Knight Champion" on cool mini.
I fall in love with this. The daemonette's head, and the skull beetwen the horse leg's are rely cool ideas.
So I try to do one Nimue by my self. And there is some pictures of the result :

I'm intersted by some comments on her.

I've not spend a lot of time on her, it's not a table top mini, but not realy a master piece yet.
I try to work on hue and contrast. Some green and purpule are include in the armor, but we cant realy see theme with this pictures.
I have to add some snow on the base, and a wood plint. I'll take better pictures after that.

thank's for your time


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