Celebrating the 300!!

by Roman aka jar

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300!!! What a nice number!
Some days ago our 300th jungle tourist of Massive Voodoo joined!

As we had a gift miniature some months ago when we reached the 200 it will be repeated this time to say thanks to everyone involved here, mostly to you dear readers who make this stay alive.

The miniature you all can win is from Helldorado and is a so called Spaddasin, which comes on a beautiful display socket for your cabinet. Here you can find some more photos of this guy... Only one person will get this one.

As i did recieve a lot of entries for the "Win a miniature - Celebrating the 300" already and circumstances went right i choose that there will something elso to win. It is all about you who take part in this unusual competition - big thanks to everyone who did write such nice words in your mails...

After i did order a Massive Voodoo Shirt for Robert latelyto give it to him during his stay in the last days i did make big brain fart during the shopping in the Massive Voodoo Wear Store. Delivered i did get two instead of one - so one Men's Contrast Shirt will be up to win too - seize M - i know that is stupid but it was my fault - it is already unpacked but new :)

Hope this is good news... colour is blue :)

So now to the tricky part... how to get this miniature?

You have to be a follower/subscriber of our jungleblog (check out on the right)
You have to be a fan of Massive Voodoo on Facebook: CLICK HERE

Write a mail to 'JARHEAD(at)MASSIVEVOODOO(dot)COM' with the Subject 'MASSIVE GIFT 300' (important for me so i can sort out! Emails without this subject will be deleted) and your Username (on Facebook or as a Follower, so we can check it)

In 2 Weeks (29th August 2010) i will randomly ( http://www.random.org/ ) choose out one of the mails and this person will get the mini!

You don't have to pay shipping or anything, it's a completely free gift as a thanks!

Take your chance!

the Massive Voodoo Crew, UH UH UH AHHHHH!!! UHH?


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