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Now it is time, i really got to stop blogging so much - getting my insane blogging attitude under control, haha... Tomorrow my sweet lady and I are going to start some changes in the little flat we got, there is one really old scratchbuild rack out in the corridor which was build 5 years ago by me and a friend with wood and MacGyver skills, only - not to forget the PVC glued and super-glued parts... whatever this demon has to die :)

And i calm down from blobbering, I mean bloggering... last tries did fail but every next try brings me furhter i guess... As you all know my brain spits out the things i'd like to say just to say them - here you go: For my own rememberance of my actual projects i list them up with good photos here, actual progress, Work in Progress, still nopt finished, but the models my hands hold in hand these days...

A very grey version of the new CMON limited miniature in 54 mm, still missing a ton of work:

Dschingis Cow, still in basic colour mode started, not further, but you can see the shield on the front side (earring you remember?):

I also held the Arkvenger in my hands to add the second arm and paint it black, same to the WIP socket... yeah wow, haha!

Next is a lost girl, Qui Li Quin (FIGONE, the one the nun is made from) somewhere on a stone... no idea what will happen to her on this stone outside in the lonely stoney woods, but future muse will tell:

Next up is a ... "no idea-Cybot thing" which will be the home of a young outskirt rebel:

And i also held my sculpt in hand, the one that will never be finished and blurbed some Magic Sculp in place where i should insteadly remove it and sculpt a head instead. My hands do strange things sometimes :)

All right for now... i hope my brain gets back on track when the time is ready for one of these WIPs. Hope you all will enjoy colours while i MacGyver and superglue a new rack outside in the corridor, muharhar!

Keep on happy painting!


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