Now... finally...

by Roman aka jar

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... i am allowing myself to rest in the jungle... up, up and away for the Painting Class in Erfurt/Germany- i will travel there with Raffa, good ol' buddy - yeaha!!

Short information for our dear readers:

- I've added some more photos and explanation to the last article about Zenithal Lightning.

- Do you remember our Contest "Win a painted Miniature for free - Celebrating the 200" as we reached the 200 Subscribers here on the blog? If not you can check it out here!

As the jungle slowly reaches the 300 i choose this time it is up to me - there will be another Miniature for you to win, painted by me. Just in case you are not a Subscriber yet (here on blogger or over on facebook), take your chance to take part in the upcoming future, when we reach the 300... damn, maybe i should paint a Spartan King, haha... at the moment i am up to this Helldorado guy (early WIP, haha)... read you soon, after the 300 is reached. Tell it to your friends if you like and bring some people in to subscribe who might be intrested in becoming a jungle tourist, as faster as we reach the 300 the faster the Contest will be announced -  want to learn more? Stay tuned :)

- The "Show your booty!" Prizes are already packed and if everything runs smooth today i might make it to the postal office for dispatching them :)

I am again away for the weekend doing Painting Class - packing, packing, packing... charging batterys to rock'n'roll and throw a big colour Happy Painting Party in Erfurt...

Keep on happy painting!


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