Son of Ogimos finished...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

This Rackham guy was a real joy to paint... big and brutal Son of Ogimos. He is angry because Ogimos himself gave him house detention... Ogimos got to learn that this is not a good idea doing this to his sons... or maybe he got other problems, who knows, maybe a small ... nope i won't speak further - hope you like him!

Son of Ogimos, Rackham 32 mm (big)

Here you can see him in my cabinet, photo done with lightning of the camera, a bit too bright and red indeed:

Here you can find a tutorial on how i have individualized the socket with fire and here you can find some thoughts about my work order and the use of zenithal light on a miniature - i hope you enjoy!

Keep on happy painting!


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