Tutorial - Making your socket unique with fire

by Roman aka jar

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While experimenting on the base of the USMC i choose to make a tutorial out of it (somehow i can't do nothing in here - its like Kryptonite to Superman, saying goodbye seems always be a good deliberate intension, nothing more, haha). Back to Topic: You can easily make your socket unique, you need a socket and a lighter, nothing more and if you need more i'll explain it in the text.

I did use wood by a bleech tree, which is very hard and burns very slow and you have to take several goes at it and some patience. If you take a softer wood know that those will burn easier. Please only do it outside as it smells and always beware of your health - don't you do stupid things with gasoline, really don't do dangerous and evil stuff. Always take care only to do so with natural wood, none which is already varnished or polished to high end.

First Experiment:
I just took the lighter and flamed on the edges of the socket.  It won't really burn if it is a hard wood but it will get some kind of carbon like if you hit the spot several times... i am happy with this result - check it out here - in the end i did paint it black and gently drybrushed the areas with a very dark grey...

Second Experiment:
I took another bleech tree socket and did cut into one corner with my caliper. If there wouldn't be too hard material the fire will spread out more easy. I gave it a chance so i did the same like described above. Here is the progress:

Hope you like this short tutorial and it could help the one or the other jungle visitor... Semper Fi!
Keep on happy painting!


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