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by Roman aka jar

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Again it is time for me to clean up my inspirational link archive and share it with you. Maybe there is something behind those links one of our jungle tourists can work with... hope you enjoy the stuff i am stumbling over while browsing the world wide webthing:

Labout - i choose to always link this up!
Evergreen - beautiful music video
A nice dark elf Step by Step by Sigur
Words of Wisdom - Artist palettes
First Minis painted ever by Studio A & B, keep him blogging
Super Punch!!
A skull
Another one
Painting Range Combatibility Chart at DakkaDakka
Power Palette at Reaperminiatures
Minicannon on youtube
A cool tattoo
Another one
Warhammer 40K Awkward Moments
AK shows great mud effects on his blog
Abandoned sea-Arama Marineworld found on artificial  owl, love it!
Ghost island of Hashima, very inspiring shots!
A collection of Space Marine Artworks


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