Winners of "Celebrating the 300"

by Roman aka jar

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Now it is time...
Celebrating the 300 is now over and i again thank you all very much for your participations and your nice words you've written. So many Mails, only 2 are able to win. Now bringing to you live and direct out of my "good morning zombie mode" - the winners... choosen randomly by

The Spaddasin free miniature goes to...     ...     ....      ...     

Chemicalfencer, who follows us on facebook! This is your lucky day!

The MVWear Contrast Shirt, seize M goes to ...    ...    ...   ...

Randon32, who follows us on blogger!

Please sent me your postal adresses to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com and i'll fast dispatch your win. To those who didn't win, luck will come to those who wait - feeling a bit sorry about it, but you know random decision, not in my hands... see you next time, when we celebrate something... Did i mention that MassiveVoodoo is soon one year old? On September the 18th as far as i can remember... i got already something else in planning for all our jungle tourists... keep an eye out :)

Big Kong out! Congratulations to the winners! Clap, clap, clap your hands everybody!
Best Regards
your MV-Ape-Family


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