Tutorial - Using Mininatur Grass

by Roman aka jar

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This time i answer this question, which i lately got very often:

"...what did you use as the grass and how did you attach them to make them look like that? I really like how they are very natural looking clumps."

This is how i do it:

I have a big box of natural stuff for glueing it to my bases, but most time i use the grass made by the company Mininatur. They are very easy to handle - you simply need a tweezer for the easiest application. They come self-glueing from a plastic foil, easy to handle - ideal for faster gaming models, i'll show how you can do it much more natural looking in an additional fast way.


For casual gaming models you can take the grass pieces you like with your tweezer and put them in place, simply do it with some gentle pressure. They will stay in place easily and make your army look very fine with them. When taking them off from the plastic foil make sure there are no single grass culms around, give it a short clean action to provide a better look on the final task...

Now comes the additional part as i want to work with them a bit. I want to look more natural. Therefore i put a drop PVC-Glue under them, taking the pieces up, putting their glueing area in the PVC glue and doing the gentle pressure thing again. I've placed them everywhere in that way, because after the PVC glue is dry i can start what i want: Making them wet with dirty painting water or some glazes. If there wouldn't be dried PVC glue they would not stay in place because of the water. The colourful glazy water will run down on the grass to make the areas next to the ground more darker and for sure more intense depending on the colour you've chose. I always recommand somethign that fits to your ground colour. You can do this in several steps to intense the tone and with the colours you like. After this is dry you can additional drybrush the upper areas a bit with a darker tone, for example bleached bone or whatever your lights colour is.

Here you can see the upper grass piece drown in a brownish glaze. The others are still out of the box...

After i look at them i still got to say that they seem to bright for my feeling of the base so i will add a bit darkness soon.

Here you can see some other examples where the same procedure was used:

For sure you can get green grass also - there are tons of different colours you can get them. Also you can get dosh and other intresting stuff you can improve your bases with... as far as i know Miniatur has several international sellers.

I hope this fast written article helps to answer the question from above :)

Keep on happy painting!


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