Tutorial - Making roofing shingles

by Roman aka jar

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As Robert is here with us in Augsburg these days i forced him to let me make some photos of the stuff he is doing which led to this article - he is making a little base, somewhere in the past in a small little village with tiny alleys, for a little Red Box Games sneaking miniature...

He did ask me yesterday what he could use for his roofing shingles and we went over Magic Sculp, Plastic Card, little stones to wooden veneer i did get from my girlfriend some while ago and which i never used til yesterday... you can use everything for sure as you can read above. Here is our version of last night...

Making Roofing shingles

Simple easy and short explained article ahead. Take some wooden veneer (you can get it in a do-it-yourself-store or ask your local ccarpenter), cut into the pieces you like and glue it in place. You can add scratches in some of those pieces to make the difference or make them intresting. Glueing them in place is easy, use a toothpick and superglue or PVC glue to get that extra precision. Take a look on the things you want to do for inspiration.

Do them!

Hope this article can inspire, even it is very, very short - but that is some welcomed sort of alternation.

Keep on happy painting!
Robert and Roman

... the finished thing can be seen here:


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