Tutorial - Making posters

by Roman aka jar

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This article shows you how you can add tiny posters or newspapers to your bases, for example like here:

This is not a high end technique, some might say this is cheating but for me only the final result is important and this technique is easy, really easy and i love the result.

What you need:

- Some pictures you reduce in their seize and which you want to have a poster.
- Matte Varnish
- a base
- a scissor
- water

Cut out the posters you like with a scissor, or tiny sheets of them for applying them as dirty newspapers. Then put them into a mix of water and Matte Varnish - make sure they are really absorb a lot of watery varnish into them.

I apply them with a tooth pick, take care they can be destroyed easily because they are wet like hell - i always go with my personal philosophy that everything happens with a reason - you can move them in place for some time - just wait until they are dry, they matte varnish will fix them in place...

I often do some weathering on them later on when they are dry to include them more into the scene.
Here is another example - as you can see you can use really everything to it (cuban cigar revenue stamp):

Hope this articles means fun to some of you - get your own experience and don't be shy - there is a lot of fun behind such easy going things...

Keep on happy painting!


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