From the heart... CMON?

by Roman aka jar

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... will this posting be. Straight from the heart after i decided to talk about CMON again after this comment recently posted on the blog at the finished Iwo Jima bust of a soldier by Daddy Cool:

"I saw your miniature on coolminiornot. I am disappointed because the too low rating. I gave you 10+++. I followed the pictures and descriptions on Massive Voodoo. It is such hard work! I think some people make ratings, just for sabotage a better rating! Best regards"

or this one, also by Daddy Cool - don't get me wrong @Daddy Cool, i think this sounds pretty cool anyhow, i am thankful for your support, commented on Oli's Keltois barbarian some weeks ago:

"In coolminiornot the rating is much too low. But some painters of Massive-Voodoo have that problem. Some viewers are real noobs!"

So before i start to talk about CMON, let me say one thing - i really love the site and its source of inspiration. I enjoy browsing there a lot, it is really a great site and i did get to know some really great people only because of this site, but...

You've got to stop thinking about the ratings or paint for the ratings. Happy Painting is not about that. Sure it is great if you have a high rating, but there are so many things that influance these ratings, like does the viewer personally likes the miniature he looks at, it is still a photo after all - so the viewer can't turn and move the miniature at hand, everyone does have different tastes and different views on things, some viewers are painters with much experience, some with less, some do paint for money, some don't, some didn't paint for a long time and are only browsing there, some just started with the hobby, some are dinosaurs of experience, some don't like one special painter, some are ZEN... you'll see the ratings over on CMON are influanced by so many points that it is not worth losing your hair about - i lost mine and i've learned from it that it is all about happy painting, nothing more or less... ratings are a nice addition but not worth a tear or a joyful jump...

Sure there is some sniping going on, whatever direction it strikes - i guess or sometimes feel it too, but hey! if you don't think about it, i mean if it is really boring to you - you won't be influanced of it and can enjoy happy painting in all its glory.

What makes me happy for example over on CMON: today is the day where i can upload my 300th upload into my gallery. This makes me proud whatever rating is on top of my photographed miniatures. At this place i form my unstoppable happy painting joy - 400 i am coming :)

Even i know there are people who don't like my painting or don't like me as a person, even we did never meet or don't like my way of Happy Painting or don't like my thinking or don't like my photos of my miniatures or don't like that i try to make a living from miniatures and sometimes got to do business... ugh, i mean i know that such people do read here in the jungle and are happy as sharks to get a link to CMON for doing her feelings justice. Even i know this is happening here too i am really bored of it, why are they even reading in here?

Whatever, here is my 300th Upload to CMON, free to vote by clicking the link for voting!

I did some final shots and hopefully better photos of the Nun with Gun - those i will use for the Chick Challenge - hope they are better, only 3 pictures allowed for the Contest, 500 pixels wide:

Don't forget to do your feelings justice over on CMON, those i am writing to know what i mean! I don't hink about it anymore... try it! It helps you a lot in different life situations that could make you angry or brainless - it is about something else, hope everyone in need will get a chance to find it - it is out there believe me :) - and i really do like CMON, thanks to Chern Ann for a great place in the web...

Keep on happy painting!


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