Spaddasin finished...

by Roman aka jar

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here goes - a really special miniature by Helldorado - a so called Spaddasin Swordfighter. I'd like to call this small project "Don't push me, cuz i am close to the edge...!" :)

This guy will be out for our next competition and will be a free giveaway to the one who will randomly win it. The Contest "Win a miniature - Celebrating the 300!" will start as soon as we got the 300 subscribers here on the blog. Everyone who subscribed here or on facebook is allowed to take part and has to sent me an email for the ... nah, read the rules here as we did celebrate the 200 :) - and yes, the yellow snow was an accident, but one i like in this case :)

Spaddasin, Helldorado, 28 mm

This is how he looks on my workbench with lightning by the camera:
This is how he looks in the cabinet with lightning by the camera:

Prepare to get your chance to win him soon :)

Keep on happy painting!


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